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Trampled under foot vs Binary stars - Meaning across disciplines
In this project, I chose some Led Zeppelin tracks to represent with astronomy themes, stressing the contextual character of meaning formation.

Stars seen by the naked eye always look like a single isolated point in the sky. Sometimes, though, a most detailed instrument might reveal systems of stars containing two or even more stars. When this system is composed by two stars, it is called a Binary Star System.
Binary star systems are interesting because stars are really massive objects. It is known that the Moon orbits the Earth, which orbits the Sun. That’s because one is considerably more massive than the last one. On the Moon-Earth system the difference is not so big, and so we notice tides, but on the Earth-Sun system there is no way to account an interference of Earth’s gravitationall pull on the Sun’s behaviour.
When we talk about two stars though, there is a mutual interference, even if one of them is more massive than the other, there is still a considerable pull from both bodies. This results in an orbit around the system’s center of gravity. Both stars are orbiting each other, effectively.
These systems can be Visual - when the stars are far enough from each other to be visually distinguished -, Astrometric - when one of the stars is to faint to be seen and its existence is supposed by the orbital pattern of its pair -, Spectroscopic -when the system is identified by the change
on the color spectrum of the main star-, Eclipsing - when one star covers the line of sight of the other and the system is perceived by a rhythmic reduction of the light intensity-, or Contact - when there is an exchange of material between the stars in the system, one star vampirizes the other-.
Binary stars eventually have their orbits spiralled, which results in either a merging or a supernova (a stellar explosion, which possibilitates the stars’ inner atoms to reach all over the universe - remember the “we are made of stardust” talk?). That’s why they are the perfect representation of a couple interactive relationship, one chasing the other mutually (unless your concept of couple is one person standing still and the other running around, then probably there are some bad news waiting for you).